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Cristina Di Meco

One of the best things about working for a vibrant travel company like Travelbound is the people who I work with. Every single person is genuinely and deeply passionate about travel. All affected by the same travel bug, all refusing to take any medication to cure it! 

I love working for an educational travel company as I am firmly convinced that if there is one subject you will never finish studying it is  “the world” itself. Heading home for the evening knowing I have learned a little bit more about the world, really makes my day.  I studied Latin and Ancient Greek at school so my education was mainly the classics. With one of the first epic poems I studied being The Odyssey by Homer describing the vast journey by Odysseus, how could I not love working for a travel company specialising in educational trips?

Favourite city: Aged 18, I moved to the city of Rome for university. Having grown up in the small village of Abruzzo in the Italian countryside, my first week in the capital was bound to be a bit of a shock. It took one late afternoon trip on the metro to the majestic Colosseum for me to realise that my favourite city would be Rome, which was my home for the next 7 years. Walking up from the depths of the metro, I was faced with the big, eternal structure of the Flavian Amphitheatre with the last remaining rays of light peeking through the upper archways – a sight I will always remember. 

About me: When I am not at work administrating trips for schools I am probably at home planning my own trips (sometimes I start to plan my next trip whilst I am still on the current one)!  I also love dancing to reggaeton during my zumba classes and chatting with my lovely mum back in Italy on Skype.

Job title: Regional Account Manager

Regions: West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire

Phone: 01273 265 277

Email address: [email protected]