Rebecca Scutt | Product and Contracting Executive | Travelbound

Rebecca Scutt

My love of travelling started from a young age when I went on holiday with my parents to places across Europe. I first travelled on my own to Italy when I was 16 to stay with a pen friend in Milan. The city is incredible and since then I have been “addicted” to visiting new places. At university I studied French and Italian and this gave me the opportunity to work and study abroad. I travelled around France for 3 months, visiting Montpellier, Marseille, the Alps, Paris, and studied at the University of Nantes. In Italy, I worked as an English teaching assistant in Puglia for 8 months. It was a fantastic experience and the food was amazing! I really enjoy my job; I get to use my languages skills as well as helping to create amazing trips so students can experience for themselves the wonder of travelling.
Favourite city: My favourite city has to be Naples. It is bustling with life from the moment you walk out of the train station. Next to Mount Vesuvius, it has a rich and vibrant history. The National Archaeological Museum houses some of the most interesting artefacts with many from the site of Pompeii. Pizza is cheap but tasty and specialities such as sfogliatella satisfy a sweet tooth. Naples is an unforgettable experience – the view of the coastline from Castel dell’Ovo is something which will stay with me forever.
About me: I really enjoy creative pursuits such as photography and painting. I once took part in an art course while living in Italy and got to exhibit my art work for a show.
Job title: Product and Contracting Executive
Phone: 01273 265266