Felicity Williams

Felicity Williams

Working in school travel combines my two loves – education and learning about new places. I love experiencing new things, whether it’s gazing in wonder inside the Sagrada Familia or wandering around Vancouver soaking up the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics. I’m a Sports buff, so it’s my travel ambition to visit all the Olympic Museums in the world. I love being organised so my favourite aspect of my job is being able to arrange people’s travel, and of course all of my own holidays are also planned right down to the very last detail. 
Favourite city: Barcelona – the colours in all the Gaudi architecture inspired me and the diversity of things to do kept me so busy!
About me: I often take part in niche sports. I was a ballroom dancer from the age of four until I was 21. As an adult, I’ve competed in Strongwoman competitions and I am currently a National-level Natural Bodybuilder. I once tried out for the British bobsleigh team (I was unsuccessful but it’s a fun claim to fame).

Job title: Regional Account Manager

Regions: Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands

Phone: 01273 265 280

Email address: [email protected]