Jan Shanahan

Jan Shanahan

It has been great to take on a number of experiences that have allowed me to explore the world. From attending numerous exhibitions in the UK and overseas I have been able to meet a variety of people and, needless to say, the travel bug soon caught me. My travels took me to India, America, Jamaica and many beautiful European destinations. Having spent time working as Cabin Crew and working for a cruise ship company, I continued to make the most of travel opportunities and port visits…all in the name of work of course!
Favourite city: It’s hard to pick a favourite destination, let alone a city! Some places simply capture you and, for me, the Grand Canyon is spiritually amazing. Cities offer a great mix of culture and architecture and when I think of my favourite city, Paris, has it in abundance. From the elegant French language and rich history to the many restaurants, which becomes a playground to any Culinarist, Paris is buzzing with activity and is a must for students to experience.
About me: I love to explore languages and I’m still learning French and Spanish…perhaps in a few years I will have mastered them!

Job title: Regional Account Manager

Regions: Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Ireland, Norfolk, Suffolk, Wales, Wiltshire

Phone: 01273 244 689

Email address: [email protected]