Katharina Salzmann | Travelbound Tour Co-ordinator

Katharina Salzmann

It has taken me a few detours to finally arrive in the travel industry! I trained and worked as a speech therapist in Germany before moving north to Hamburg to study. After picking up a degree in musicology, I decided a move to England was on the cards. Having moved around so much, including a stint living in Malta for 4 months, it made sense to work in a field where I would deal with people who travel themselves! 

I have travelled widely in Europe and have grown attached to Northern Europe in particular. Apart from English and German, I am able to communicate in French. As part of the Travelbound Tour Co-ordinator team, I look after schools travelling to Germany, Poland, China, Iceland, the French Alps as well as a few destinations further afield. 

Favourite city: Though I will always have a soft spot for Malta, I have just declared Edinburgh one of my favourite cities to visit. Stockholm comes in a close second but the Scottish capital has won me over.

About me: I really love singing and playing the piano. I have some experience singing in bands and choirs which has allowed me to share my passion for music with others.

Job title: Tour Co-ordinator

Phone: 01273 244613

Email address: [email protected]