Lucy Pool-McKenzie

Lucy Poole-McKenzie

After studying French and German at Nottingham University, it seemed a natural progression to step into the wide world of the travel industry. Having lived and worked in both France and Germany, I’ve developed a keen interest in cultures and the ways of the world. I relish every opportunity to travel and am always adding to my wish list of places I would like to visit. So far I have been lucky enough to InterRail around Europe, hike the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky, compete in a sports tournament in Shanghai, take a camel ride in the Sahara and bathe in a frozen lake in Sweden. The exhilaration and adventure of discovering a new country and everything that comes with it - culture, food, people, and language- is such a rewarding experience and one which I love to facilitate for others.
Favourite city: With so many more places on my list left to visit this is an impossible decision! However, if I were to pick one it would have to be Marrakech. From the tingle on your senses as the cacophony of spices and scents hits you to the vibrant colours seen throughout the city, Marrakech provides a real insight into a different world. 
About me: Amongst my array of party tricks I can juggle and can complete a Rubix’s cube in under 3 minutes! 
Job title: Tours Manager, School Tours 
Phone: 01273 244 533
Email address: [email protected]