Madeleine FitzGibbon

Madeleine Fitz Gibbon

I got the travel bug from my parents. Every year they’d pile us five kids into the car and set off for France with an AA route planner. Travelling as a child had a profound influence on my life and it’s great to be able to pass this experience on to others.
I studied French and European Studies at university and have worked in educational travel for more than 25 years. I‘ve travelled extensively, for business and pleasure, in Europe and beyond. Working in educational travel brings together everything I enjoy – people, different languages and cultures, history and geography.
Favourite city: Berlin – it’s a city with real historical and cultural depth that’s also vibrant, creative and cool.
About me: In November 1989, I went with a group of friends - and a masonry hammer - to help knock down the Berlin Wall.
Job title: Product Manager, School Tours
Phone: 01273 265 208
Email address: [email protected]