Marcela Hammond | Regional Account Manager | Travelbound

Marcela Hammond 

I graduated as a teacher of Spanish and Slovak language and spent most of my summers travelling and working across Spain. Not only do I love the language, I also adore its culture, music, food, the way of life, and the architecture and buzz of Spanish cities. Shortly after finishing university, I decided to “conquer” another language: English. I moved to England, which has been my home for over 11 years now. Following my experience of working with children as a trainee teacher and travelling across Europe, it felt as a natural move to start working in the school travel industry which I thoroughly enjoy. It is a pleasure to organise trips for children across the world – from New York to Borneo, China, Bay of Naples or Greece, from the start of their journey until their parents pick them up from school on their return. 
Favourite city: You cannot visit San Sebastián in Northern Spain and not fall in love with it! To sit in a café, overlooking the Beach of la Concha and enjoying one of the best pintxos (Basque for ‘tapas’) in Spain is heavenly. This city is just perfect. 
About me: My two amazing children keep me entertained, always on the run and make me feel like I’m going crazy most of the time. My main hobby is cake baking and decorating. On top of making birthday cakes for my children, I make cakes for my friends’ children too!
Job title: Regional Account Manager
Phone: 01273 244567
Email address: [email protected]