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How to boost student sign-up for your school trip abroad?

Published: 23rd March 2017

Extremely successful in recruiting for the trip! Oversubscribed within a week…didn’t need to promote the trip for long at all.

Ali Murray, North London Collegiate School

With grants and bursaries from LEAs and associations supporting schools and families cut in recent years, sign-ups for school trips abroad have been seen to have taken a hit. Many teachers are either being left demoralised from the thought of no longer being able to provide their students with the unique learning opportunity or face a real struggle in gathering numbers for the educational tour. Promoting the tour in the traditional sense can be seen to become an additional job; one as teachers, we know time simply does not permit us to do effectively. 

Students studying in Normandy

As with most things in this day and age, elements of our daily life have become digital. This includes letters home to parents, newsletters, and even homework. We’re connected…the latest release from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) tells us that in 2016, 89% of households in Great Britain (23.7 million) had internet access. This is a staggering 32% increase on numbers from 10 years prior. With services moving to online access, there is no reason for elements of the sign-up process not to do the same. 

Our solution

As Party Leader, there are a number of elements to a school trip that will be floating around in your head. Getting the school trip off the ground is made easier with Travelbound, but there is one tool to take the weight off collecting all information – Toolkit.

We’ve previously introduced the Toolkit but with so many benefits from our online system, understanding how it can support you in gaining numbers for your tour needs unpicking. 

The one-click system is broken down into 5 stages from your initial quote to departing on your tour. Once you have decided on the price of your school trip and personalised your Toolkit webpage, one link can be shared with students and decision-makers at home where names can be added to the list. 

The simple online and highly personalised system allows participants to submit their names for the school trip. Party Leaders can utilise the visually appealing platform by editing the webpage to include media of the destination and highlight key learning outcomes for the school trip. By placing the work of promoting the school tour on Toolkit, the link can be shared, paper is cut down, and sign-ups are easily managed all in one place. 


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Simplicity is best

Students always want to enjoy the experience of travel, which makes your role that much easier when it comes to sparking an inquisitive mind for culture and your subject focus when on the tour. As such, by simply submitting names for the school trip Toolkit sees students jump on the opportunity to be a part of the experience.

This sounds positive and it is, but with such optimism comes the reality of fallout. What about the number of students who withdraw their interest from the educational tour? Toolkit has a built-in waiting list feature that allows you to transfer names into your accepted list. From facing a sudden risk of over-subscription to accommodating pupils, you have ultimate control through the passenger page.

Toolkit sign-up page

Promotional tools

No longer is there a constant need to take over assemblies, plaster the school walls with homemade posters, or badger students in class. Toolkit allows for images and videos to be embedded and promotional tools made available online.

Students and parents alike will be able to view at their own leisure what awaits them on the educational tour and, more importantly, what can be achieved by taking on the experience.

The benefit of controlling payments through set dates allows families to schedule instalments and provides you with the space to view where students are in the process. From once having to take over the school assembly’s “any other business” slot, promoting and recruiting for your school trip abroad is given a new lease of life in boosting sign-ups. 

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By Tim Jenkins


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