Arts University Bournemouth students

Trip Report - Berlin

Published: October 9th 2013 

According to one of our returning groups, the highlight of their recent trip to Berlin was seeing a theatre production by experimental performers the Blue Man Group.  We asked the tour organiser to answer a few quick questions about his tour. You can read his answers in his trip report below.  

Where do you teach?
I’m a lecturer at Bournemouth University in Poole.
What type of student tour did you organise?
I organised a 4-day, 3-night student trip to Berlin in December 2012.
How long were you planning the trip for?
Five months.
How old were the students you took?
They were aged between 18 and 22.  
What activities did you do in Berlin? 
We went to the Filmmuseum Berlin, the Bauhuas Archiv Museum and the Jewish Museum. We also went on a theatre excursion to see the Blue Man Group and did a brewery tour and tasting.
What were the highlights for students? 
For the students, it seemed the Blue Man Group was a particular highlight as it appeared to be so entertaining and enjoyable for them.
What are your best memories?
We found the Jewish Museum and Berlin Wall Document Centre particularly interesting, due to the fascinating history of the city. 
What did the students learn?
The students learnt much about the history of the city as well as how it has developed culturally. 
What were the food, accommodation and transport like? 
The food was obtained independently, but the accommodation was of a very good standard. The hostel was centrally located and it was easy to gain access to the main train station. It was clean and comfortable and the staff were friendly and helpful. Transport was very easy to use with the Berlin ‘WelcomeCards’.
Would you travel with Travelbound again? 
Yes, absolutely. 
Why did you choose Travelbound?
It was recommended by a colleague and had competitive prices.
What made it easy for you to book and travel with us?
Constant, regular and easy communication and support from Helen Clifford and Lorna Coblenz, despite my many questions.
How was the trip created around your specific needs? 
I was able to suggest a specific itinerary, which was taken into consideration. Generally, I felt that any specific needs were considered.
Before you went did you have any fears or concerns? If so, how did Travelbound help you address or overcome these? 
I was concerned about travel and excursion arrangements (ie how would the ‘WelcomeCards’ work, were any excursions pre-paid, etc) but any concerns were alleviated by Travelbound via e-mail or by phone call.
How would you rate the trip, if one was poor, and five was excellent?
I’d give it a rating of five.
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