How to enhance your students’ knowledge and experiences in Valencia

Published: 8th February 2017 


Knowing you’re heading off to Valencia for a few days of culture and (hopefully) sun is always going to get you a little excited. Knowing you’re doing so because you’ve won the Travelbound Valencia competition and are about to enjoy 3 nights on the Orange Blossom Coast is no doubt going to have you feeling over the moon. For Kate Broadribb that is exactly how she is feeling as it is ‘the first competition I have ever won and so doubly pleased’.

Valencia_02_CC Tibor Kovacs

Take part, reap the rewards

Entry into the competition was via a submission of why a school trip to Valencia would enhance your students’ knowledge by extending their learning beyond the confines of the classroom. We wanted to gage from you – the teacher – how would take on the Party Leader role and get under the skin of Valencia. How would your students respond to the City of Arts and Sciences? How would like us to tailor the outdoor learning experience to meet the needs of your students?

As Senior Leader of Learning at Wildern School, Kate went about identifying the key topics and attributing Valencia’s many geographical, architectural, and cultural points of significance to the learning outcomes she has identified for her students. Providing us with an intriguing insight into her perspective of learning and the city of Valencia, Kate has pinpointed how to achieve the goal of all educationalists - namely developing the student into a lifelong learner through varied firsthand experiences. 

LaurenBest | Valencia, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

A word on learning in Valencia

Here is Kate’s submission to our competition:

Valencia is one of the best examples of a successful urban regeneration project in Europe.   A big component in the new GCSE Geography specifications is the focus on how urban growth creates opportunities; sustainable opportunities to support economic development.  Valencia is a city which is able to show how redevelopment and gentrification can reverse the declining fortunes of a one grand city and revitalize it culturally as well as economically.

Taking in history within the Moorish Walls dating back to the 13th Century to its new iconic structures such as the Cuidad de las Artes & Ciencias, I would take my students on a walk to show urban planning through the ages.  I would use a transect walk of the old part of the city to show how settlements and cities adapt to take in migrants from the rural fringes and how they adapt when faced with economic change and industrial decline.

City of Sciences, Valencia | Cristina (4)

Valencia would provide the opportunity to not just hit the pavement and explore the architecture and redevelopments, but to see some of the best museums in Spain and get the students involved in seeing this firsthand.  By extending the trip to include a tour to the Royal Marina, students can appreciate the sheer scale and size of the regeneration projects along the harbour and from this understand why urban redevelopment is incredibly costly.  This is something so hard to do in the classroom. Though I can show photos and use Google Maps to explore, it is really tough to judge the sustainability of urban change from still images.

Finally, cost.  I run trips to NYC and China; one to Valencia would be much more affordable and therefore much more inclusive.  That is what educational geography trips really should aim to do, give as many students as possible the taste for becoming a traveler; visiting a different city to experience the sights, smells and culture firsthand.  This way I can inspire a generation of geographers to be travellers so they won’t ever be tourists.

We would like to thank Kate Broadribb for her submission to our Travelbound Valencia competition and wish her all the best on her trip to Valencian capital. 


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By Tim Jenkins

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