Première Vision - An educational tour of fabric design

Published: November 26th 2013
Première Vision:  The World’s Premier Fabric Show in Paris
Premiére Vision

Far from the First Vision which marked the beginning of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, Première Vision brings to the fashion capital of the world its own renewed visualisation – new fabrics and new possibilities.

Here at Travelbound, our University and College Tours Team are getting excited about the Première Vision exhibition held in Paris this coming February. The event provides the chance for students to pinpoint the new weaves and fabrics that may be making an appearance soon and to network with other fashion and textile students. With the great success of the February 2013 show, where students were able to see the bold but subtle colours of the coming summer season, and the September show which saw an impressive turnout, Première Vision this February looks set to grow even more. Offering students the chance to see the subject in a new dimension, the world’s premier fabric show is a fantastic opportunity to be inspired by the leading fashion groups. 
The exhibition is laid out into clear sections to suit the students’ needs. The Forum is set up to be a hub of inspiration. Presented here, students will find all the key information they need for the upcoming season. Exploring examples of the fabrics and their adjoining storyboards shows how inspiration is turned from imagination into a reality. Areas take on the true learning needs of everyone to convey the movement through words, images and fabrics – making this an experience for senses beyond the kinaesthetic spectrum. The Forum also highlights the season’s most representative fabrics and will give fashion and textile students new ideas to develop their work. 
You can also include Première Vision into an assignment for this student tour. When we look to analyse fabrics it is important to consider our focus. Première Vision is set out to provide students with areas organised by product destination and speciality market. This means, final year students who may already be working on their final projects may choose to join the Evening Focus that allows for an analysis of evening and dressier clothing including cocktail and bridal wear. Here, fabrics including lace, silks and embroideries are set out to provide a fresh take for the new season. Other areas include Tops and Shirts, which focuses on prints for dresses and colour wovens for male shirts. Knitwear Solutions, Outer and Over and a Style Focus are also covered by designated areas. 
An area to see a dramatic improvement and continues to witness innovation and change is the Tech Focus. Bringing in a new age of fibre, the Tech Focus allows students to explore the active sports sector through swimwear, outdoor clothing and workwear. These high-technology innovations include new high-performance knit and woven fabrics as well as textiles that are wind-proof, waterproof and antibacterial. It brings a new dimension to the capabilities of fabrics - their usability and ability to adapt to meet design. 
Through all the additional accessories and shoes that look to model how the fabric can be used, Première Vision is the chance to catch up with the latest fashion groups. Big names such as Modamont, Indigo, Expofil, Zoom and Cuir a Paris have their own areas to explore. Presentations explain the groups’ movements such as Cuir a Paris’ outlook on the comparative differences of feather and lead but its existence within something we can easily relate to – a wave where weight and flow go hand-in-hand. The presentations and visions come together to show the art of fabrics and the hugely important place in the design of fashion and choice of textile. 
The opportunity to attend Première Vision proves to be a valuable chance to gain a new perspective on the world of textiles through this expo of fabrics. Bringing together the latest innovations to develop fabrics and the big-name fashion groups provides students with a unique learning experience, which students will value as part of their trip to Paris
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