Sharing Memories

Published: April 15th 2014

School trips surely rank as the ultimate in photo opportunities – all mates together, delving into new adventures in exciting foreign locations. From a mass selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower to the form teacher asleep on the bus, these are the images that just keep on giving.
Now we’ve linked up with Photovision UK to add a new social angle to school trip photos. Selected groups travelling on our Travelbound school trips are loaned a Canon Powershot or Fuji Finepix camera and let loose to snap and film their antics on tour, from the highly educational to the purely recreational. Students – as long as parents give their permission - are encouraged to pass the camera around to all friendship groups to record everyone’s experience. There’s also an associated Facebook app that is password protected and lets users share pics and videos among a private group of friends.


Students from Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

Students from Ygsol Bryn Elian School

Group DVD
At the end of the trip, the teacher in charge looks over the results and deletes any images they want to leave out. The camera is then popped into a prepaid envelope and sent off to be turned into a 10-15 minute DVD that tells the story of the tour in pictures. Everyone who went on the trip gets a copy, so they can share their top times with family members and friends and relive them in the future.


Bringing trips to life
While students enjoy the chance to develop their media skills with a slick camera, here at Travelbound we can also benefits from the amazing images taken by the group - as long as the school and parents give their permission. The lively, user-generated content they come up with gets across the sense of the school trip to potential customers in a much more effective way than a corporate video could ever do. The short films act as testimonials from people captured enjoying experiences that bring their chosen subject to life, whether that’s art in Amsterdam or geography in the Bay of Naples.
To find out how you can use Photovision UK to capture the memories of your next Travelbound school trip, contact the Travelbound schools’ team today on Tel: 01273 244 572