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Toolkit: Additional support during the planning process of a school trip

Published: 16th March 2017

There are plenty of elements to consider when planning a school trip and choosing the right destination for your students can seem like an unexpected hurdle in a 100m sprint. You’d think having a vast array of choices is an uncompromising treat with limitless options of choice and in many ways it is. However, for teachers teaming up with each other due to a collective need to provide one solitary cross-curricular school trip abroad, such a decision can suggest the road to organising a unique experience for your students is long and winding. It doesn’t have to be! 

The trip to Krakow, Poland, was the first school trip I had ever organised, so quite a daunting task. The friendly, professional support and advice I received from Travelbound throughout the process was excellent and I found them to be flexible when needed. Overall the trip was a great success; everything ran as planned and as expected. Many of our pupils said it was the best school trip they had ever been on (this was a great relief to me).

Shebbear College, Krakow, February 2016

The Travelbound team are your first port of call when it comes to finding the right destination for your chosen subjects. Research and knowing your topic, theme and learning goals are key to understanding what you want to deliver to your students and doing so while covering the aspects of the curriculum you have scheduled into your medium and long-term planning. 

Experience meets technology

Taking the next step beyond the quote stage of planning a school trip may have previously included a lengthy list of jobs likely to have weighed you – the Party Leader – down with mounds of paperwork. A solution to managing the sign-up process, promoting your educational tour, and gathering medical and dietary requirements is utilising Travelbound’s digital tool – Toolkit.


Activate your account

Manage payment settings

Personalise your page

Manage tour sign-ups

Track passenger progress

One link can be the difference between struggling to promote your tour plus managing your students’ progress and successfully collating all the necessary information without cutting significantly into your time. 

75% of teachers believe they are ‘fairly’ or ‘more likely’ to be influenced by the amount of paperwork involved in organising a school trip.

Travelbound teacher survey, September 2016

You have control

Your Toolkit page is exactly that – yours! You have full visibility over the webpage allowing you to publish and make visible to students and parents what you like. It means you can decide the price and include all the media you want which you feel would benefit the promotion of the school trip to the cohort. Then you can launch the trip simply by using the URL link within your email.

Have a question or want any help during the use of Toolkit? Your personal Travelbound team member is just one click away with Toolkit internal network. Supporting you every step of the way, Toolkit is there in addition to our dedicated team of travel specialists on hand to guide you from start to finish.

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Launch your trip through Toolkit
Toolkit screenshot

Simplifying without compromise

Toolkit provides an online network simplifying communication to your group, but it also simplifies the need to monitor the progress of your students signed up to the trip. Whether you want to log payments, view an individual’s payment history, or see how your student passengers are getting on ticking off their task lists, the passenger page is the one-stop shop for overseeing your trip’s essential information.

This one umbrella approach to supporting Party Leaders during the planning and organisation process takes nothing away from the detailed help your personal Tour Co-ordinator provides in producing step by step itineraries or advice for the school trip. The Toolkit instead provides a solution to tasks typically done offline that require folders of mass information, which more often than not are returned incomplete. It means cutting down on time chasing; minimising the need to sift through screwed-up pieces of paper and return slips; and being in control of who is attending the school trip. 

All of this is possible without compromising on the security of the data stored. With Toolkit’s two-stage verification process, parents can securely upload dietary requirements and passport information all while having peace of mind.

Ultimately, Toolkit works for you. Its intuitive design and all-in-one function means Party Leaders are provided with a platform that immediately places organisation at the top of the list. No longer will mountains of paperwork stand as a deterrent to planning a school trip abroad for students and instead, working hand in hand with the Travelbound team, life for the Party Leader is made that much simpler.


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