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Travelbound Experience Competition Winner

Published: 3rd July 2017

At Travelbound we love a competition! It’s our way of being able to share our passion for travel and learning with Party Leaders who do a great deal to support their students’ development.

Our latest student tours competition has come to a close and now is the time to announce who the lucky winner is. Submitting their ‘Travelbound Experience’, lecturers from colleges and universities around the UK were invited to create an account of the impact of a Travelbound educational tour on their students.

Visit to Barcelona

We received plenty of intriguing entries with some featuring on our news platform. The lucky winner has won a weekend trip to one of the following destinations:

  • Barcelona

  • Berlin

  • Budapest

  • Copenhagen

  • Lisbon

  • Rome

With all entries highlighting the positive impact of a student tour on the educational and personal development of the individual and group, an independent judge took the time to pick a winner.

Of the winner, the independent judge said the following:

“This entry genuinely made me feel quite emotional because it really highlighted the journey students go on and how it makes them grow as individuals. It truly is a great thing to be a part of making that journey a reality.

It was great to read through such a high level of entries. They all were superb, which made it extremely difficult to pick just one winner. The experiences that some of the students have had on these trips really are once in a lifetime and I do hope they cherish the memories for years to come.”

Visit to Ellen's Diner

Congratulations to Nikkie Almond from Abingdon and Witney College!

Here is Nikkie’s winning entry…

New York, New York 

A city so great it is worthy of being named twice…

For the second year in a row, I took a group of students to this amazing city and the second time was even better than the first. It is true what they say when seeing something for a second time you appreciate it more.

From the time that we started planning the trip, we were all so excited. The students helped plan the trip and with the help of Travelbound, they really did have the trip of a lifetime.

There are so many highlights, but the top ones have to be the trip to Ellen’s Diner. It is just such a hive of energy. I had students who normally would not utter a word due to a lack of confidence sing along at the top of their voice to “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. They also stood up and danced to Grease Lighting! 

White rose at 9/11 Memorial

We also took a trip to 911 and I defy anyone who says they are not emotionally moved by this place. This year I also took students into the museum, whereas last year I went in alone. I was just so proud of how my students took the time and compassion to fully understand and appreciate how this act of terrorism has changed history completely. 

What I love about taking students to New York is watching them grow over the short period of time that you are there. They start on day one after you have been chatting to them whilst walking to Times Square talking about the grid streets/avenues and then they hit with Time Square; their eyes are on stalks they cannot believe they are here. Then you just give them a map and let them find their way back to the hotel. At first they are petrified; they are afraid, then they survive! By the last day, they are like natives and we bring home such a different group of teenagers then what we started with. Many parents and carers will often come through to me a few weeks later and thank me for giving them the opportunity and helping them develop the confidence in themselves. For many this is really a once in a lifetime trip. But saying that I took 3 students back with me a second time this year so who knows!

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