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Travelbound link up with TeachMeet

Published: 29th June 2017

Travelbound joined teachers from schools representing the Ormiston Academy Trust on the 27th June for TeachMeet.

What is TeachMeet?

TeachMeets are typically opened to teachers of all levels looking for a platform to share and communicate their thoughts of pedagogy and best practice. The event attended by Travelbound was primarily aimed at teachers in their first four years as a teacher but welcomes all from trainees to those with a shared interest in education and looking to present on a topic.

Teacher interaction

Essentially a TeachMeet is a fantastic opportunity for a group of educationalists to share ideas. This includes discussing with their peers what has previously been successful, discovering new strategies that have worked in the classroom, and sharing good resources.

By turning up to a TeachMeet, your evening is effectively directed by you. Having decided to turn up, you are placed in a welcoming environment surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about education.

Teachers with tea

Whether a TeachMeet is held at a venue or online, the event is both social and collaborative. TeachMeets are also a great opportunity for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Similar to the learning promoted by teachers to their students, attendees can experience personalised and peer-related learning.

The set up for the evening includes a series of keynote speakers, micro-presentations, and plenty of intervals allowing teachers plenty of time to network and grab some food.

An evening with the Ormiston Academy Trust

Travelbound were invited to attend TeachMeet and joined fellow members from the Travelopia group representing sister companies SkiBound and JCA Adventure.

Teachers collaborating

The team provided teachers with an insight into the benefits of running a school trip for their students. This included the impact of outdoor learning on the growth of the student and the development of key skills that can be used in the pursuit of lifelong learning. TeachMeet also had the chance to realise the benefits of running school trips for the teachers involved. This included a look at the impact on professional development. 

In addition to discussing the inherent benefits of an educational tour, the wide range of destinations and subject-specific tours were highlighted to support teachers from multiple disciplines. A fantastic evening was topped off with the announcement of the winner for Travelbound’s raffle. Entering via names in a hat, one lucky winner had the chance to win a trip to either JCA’s Condover Hall flagship activity centre in Shropshire or a stay at Travelbound’s Château du Molay in Normandy, France.

The Winner

Congratulations to Rod Stevenson from Ormiston Victory Academy who has chosen a stay at Château du Molay in Normandy, France.

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