VE Day: Commemorating 70 years

Published: May 8th 2015

World War Two cemetery visits | Travelbound
                                                                                   Long live the cause of freedom – Winston Churchill
The Landings | ©Nara
The words of Churchill rung out and we were given a moment to rejoice.
Today marks 70 years since VE Day was declared with the defeat of Hitler and the Nazi control that reigned across Europe. While the Allied powers would still face the fight from Japan for another 3 months, the 8th May 1945 presented an end to World War Two in Europe.

After years of heartache, loss and struggle, the celebrations following the announcement of surrender by the German State were not only felt in London. Students will learn of the struggles felt in the battle for France following the invasion of Normandy at Arromanches. The Memorial de Caen provides an interactive insight into the D-Day Landings through personal recounts and artefacts. The Netherlands continue to reflect on their liberation by Canadian forces, while Russia commemorate over five and half million lost lives.

Visit to the World War Two cemeteries of Normandy | Travelbound

Countries around the world will reflect on the fall of the Nazi State. 2015 will continue to provide teachers with the opportunity to highlight the emotions, hardship and strain felt by the war. Whether this is reinforced through the powerful accounts describing the destructive effects of Nazism at Berlin’s Topography of Terror or the memorials found at Omaha beach in Normandy reflecting on the lives lost by the land of Stars and Stripes, the significance of World War Two and the commemoration of VE Day will no doubt be felt by all.

While Victory in Europe Day may appear to be commemorated with more emphasis in 2015, there is no doubt that every year still represents another year of reflection on an event that changed the world. The history remains as a lesson to all just waiting to be discovered. 

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