Beijing and Shanghai Cross-curricular

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China, with ancient treasures and forward-facing culture, inspires students and broadens their outlook on the world


  • The magnificent Forbidden City palace complex
  • A rickshaw ride through the streets of Beijing
  • The giant Jade Buddha statue in Shanghai
  • The wonder of the Great Wall
Typically £1263 per student.
Based on an 8 day, 6 night tour for 30 students, travelling February 2018

What's included: 

  • Travel, including to excursions
  • National guide throughout the tour and city guides
  • Excursion entrance fees and gratuities
  • Full board accommodation and insurance
  • 1 teacher place for every 10 students

Please note, Visa cost is not included in typical price

Suggested itinerary for School groups

Day 1

Overnight flight to Beijing - 10 hours approx

Day 2

Arrive Beijing - lunch included
Olympic Park, Birds Nest and Water Cube (external views) and The Summer Palace
Overnight Beijing - evening meal included

Day 3

Breakfast included
The Great Wall of China - lunch included
The Temple of Heaven - evening meal included
Kung Fu show
Overnight Beijing

Day 4

Breakfast included
Rickshaw ride through Hutongs. Traditional tea ceremony - lunch included
Calligraphy lesson. Wangfujing Street shopping
Overnight Beijing - evening meal included

Day 5

Breakfast included
Tianannmen Square and Mao’s Mausoleum - lunch included
The Forbidden City
Bullet train to Shanghai – evening meal included

Day 6

Breakfast included
City tour of Shanghai, Oriental TV (3rd Ball) Tower, Jade Buddha Temple, the Bund - lunch included
Evening meal included
Night markets
Overnight Shanghai

Day 7

Breakfast included
Shanghai school visit (term time only) - lunch included
Yu Gardens and Nanjing Road shopping - evening meal included
Chinese acrobatic show
Overnight Shanghai

Day 8

Breakfast included
Transfer to the airport by coach and Maglev train
Flight Shanghai to UK – about 12.5 hours

Groups enjoy the contrast of the ancient, modern and futuristic on this tour. They also like to go souvenir-hunting and haggle for a bargain at the Shanghai night market.

Katharina Salzmann
Travelbound China Tour Co-ordinator
Typically £1263 per student.
Based on an 8 day, 6 night tour for 30 students, travelling February 2018

Visions of China old and new meet dramatically during school trips to Beijing & Shanghai. Beijing, a city of majestic old-world tradition, will enthral your students with its world-famous landmarks and bustling streets full of cycles and rickshaws; and Shanghai, a financial powerhouse and busy port very much a part of the modern world but with a history no less fascinating.

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You couldn’t ask for a more symbolic example of the division between past and future than the Huangpu River in Shanghai. On the one side, and visible for miles in any direction, the skyline of the Lujiazui financial district of Shanghai is an iconic sight – towering office buildings and skyscrapers dominate the surrounding area, a stunning indication of the city’s economic surge. And directly opposite on the western bank, the Bund is Shanghai’s former political and financial base, but now of more interest to tourists than large corporations.

Another site of interest for students is the City God Temple within the walled city, built in the Taoist tradition during the Ming Dynasty. Dedicated to three gods, the temple is also a centre of commerce, with many of the businesses here over a century old.

Twenty-four emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties have ruled China from Beijing’s Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The many treasures on display here include rare books and documents; over 30,000 pieces of jade, and items that once belonged to the Imperial families. As a window into China’s past, nowhere else compares.

Not far from the Forbidden City is the Great Hall of the People. The direction the country takes politically, financially, and culturally stems directly from decisions taken here every five years by the National Congress of the Communist Party.

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Our top excursions were to the Volkswagen factory, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. The students also loved the Temple of Heaven in the morning.

Alleyn's School, London

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Typically £1263 per student.
Based on an 8 day, 6 night tour for 30 students, travelling February 2018