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European Adventure Trails | Travelbound

Maximise your time abroad with your students with one of our European Adventure and Language Trails, allowing your school group to discover more about the history, language and culture of your destination. Through a series of team challenges that involve clue hunting, code-cracking and mystery activities, our Adventure Trails allow for all types of learners to engage. Fun and interactive, groups will be up against the clock to use initiative to unlock the answers to well-thought out circuits around some of Europe’s most notable landmarks. 

With adventure trails across Paris, Normandy and Barcelona, students can develop a series of key skills including problem solving, team management, and organisational skills. Our Paris Language Trails allow students to develop their language comprehension through listenting and speaking opportunities with French native speakers.

Explore our Paris, Normandy and Barcelona Adventure and Language Trails below to learn more about how each challenge can extend your students’ learning outside the classroom.

Paris Adventure Trail | Travelbound
Normandy Adventure Trail | Travelbound
Barcelona Adventure Trail | Travelbound

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Providing a new learning environment outside the classroom enables your young learners to experience a locality that opens a world of inspiration and educational possibilities. It brings together a series of multisensory opportunities allowing for students to engage with the environment. This learning can take place across numerous settings and the unique locations we choose for our Adventure and Language Trails gives Party Leaders the variety required in order to choose the ideal route for their students. From exploring heritage sites and sacred spaces to venturing into the minds of artists or diving into the natural environment, we have carefully selected Adventure and Language Trails across our most popular European destinations to enrich the outdoor learning experience for your students. 

Explore | Engage | Educate


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