Somme Battlefields History

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A trip to the trenches, battlefields and memorials of the Somme deepens understanding of the sacrifices of WWI


  • The imposing Thiepval Memorial
  • Displays of life in the trenches at the 1916 Museum, Albert
  • The enormous 300ft Lochnager Crater
  • The trenches at Beaumont Hamel
Typically £295 per student.
Based on a 2 night tour for 35 students, travelling May 2018

What's included: 

  • Travel by British touring coach
  • Return Channel crossing
  • Accommodation, full board
  • Insurance
  • 1 teacher place for every 8 students
  • Excursion entrance fees not included

Suggested itinerary for School groups

Day 1

Depart school in your coach
Channel crossing to Calais
Journey time from Calais to the Somme about 2 hours without excursion stops
Visit the Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge, with pre-booked guided visit to the tunnels, subject to availability
then guided tour of the Wellington Quarry in Arras. Arrive at your Somme accommodation - evening meal included

Day 2

Breakfast and packed lunch included
Battlefield sites of the Somme, including Thiepval Memorial, Lochnagar Crater, Beaumont Hamel, the Ulster Tower, Delville Wood and Pozieres
Visit the 1916 Museum in Albert, with option to handle WWI memorabilia and try on army uniform
Bowling activity - evening meal included

Day 3

Breakfast and packed lunch included
Depart for Calais via the Historial de la Grande Guerre Museum in Peronne
Channel crossing
Arrive school
Laura Burton | Travelbound

By exploring the trenches, tunnels, battlefield sites and museums of the Somme, students really start to understand the events of the Great War. 2014 marks the centenary of World War I.

Laura Burton
WWI Battlefields Tour Co-ordinator
Typically £295 per student.
Based on a 2 night tour for 35 students, travelling May 2018

The Battle of the Somme, which took place between July and November 1916, was one of the largest and fiercest of World War One, with a toll of over 1 million casualties, many of them on the first day of fighting. A school battlefield tour to the Somme area illuminates for students the horrors of war, the tragic human cost of gaining very little territory, as well as the difficult conditions the soldiers lived under for long periods.

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Some of the heaviest losses were sustained by the Newfoundland Regiment, and a memorial to the fallen stands in the village of Beaumont-Hamel. A well-preserved trench system can be explored here, giving students a valuable insight into the tiny distances between the Allied and German lines, and an interpretative centre sheds light on what daily life was like for the men in the trenches.

During the opening salvos of the battle, a huge explosion produced a column of earth 4000 feet high, and left behind the massive Lochnagar Crater. There are few better visible reminders of the awesome power of the technology being tested and deployed during the war.

The Somme 1916 Museum in Albert is an excellent stop for history tours, containing many fascinating exhibits including examples of standard trench equipment and weaponry, and several vivid depictions of the realities faced by soldiers, whether in combat, wounded, at rest or just trying to stay alive during the harsh winters.

Some different perspectives on the war are given at the Museum of Great War in Péronne. What was life like for prisoners on both sides, and for children drawn into the conflict? Myriad examples of propaganda, artefacts from military and civilian life, and over fifty specialist films, will all contribute to a well-rounded education on the Somme for students of this turbulent period.


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Our top three excursions were to Parc Astérix, Beaumont Hamel and the Musée Somme 1916. The students found Tyne Cot and Beaumont Hamel the most inspiring.

North Berwick High School, East Lothian

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Typically £295 per student.
Based on a 2 night tour for 35 students, travelling May 2018