Beijing and Xian History

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Follow the opulent imperial sites of buzzing Beijing with a visit to Xian, epicentre of early Chinese civilisation


  • The magnificent Forbidden City palace complex
  • The cultural landmark of Tiananmen Square
  • The epic majesty of the Great Wall of China
  • The mighty, unearthed army of Terracotta Warriors
Typically £1268 per student.
Based on an 8 day, 6 night tour for 30 students, travelling January 2018

What's included: 

  • Travel, including to excursions
  • National guide throughout the tour and city guides
  • Excursion entrance fees, local guides and gratuities
  • Full board accommodation and insurance
  • 1 teacher place for every 10 students

Please note, Visa cost is not included in typical price

Suggested itinerary for School groups

Day 1

Overnight flight to Beijing - about 10 hours

Day 2

Arrive in Beijing - lunch included
City tour - Tiananmen Square, Olympic sites, Bird’s Nest and Water Cube
Evening meal Included
overnight in Beijing

Day 3

Breakfast included
Forbidden City visit, lunch included
Summer Palace, evening meal included
Traditional Chinese acrobatic show
overnight in Beijing

Day 4

Breakfast included
Great Wall visit, lunch included
Temple of Heaven
Evening meal included
Overnight train to Xian

Day 5

Breakfast included
See Xian – Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Ancient City Wall, lunch included
Evening meal included
Visit the Xian night markets
overnight in Xian

Day 6

Breakfast included
See the Terracotta Warriors, lunch included
Hua Qing Hot Springs, evening meal included
Overnight train to Beijing

Day 7

Breakfast included
Kung Fu lesson, lunch included
Shopping on Wangfujing Street, evening meal included
Kung Fu show, overnight in Beijing

Day 8

Breakfast included
Flight to UK

The Terracotta Army is awe-inspiring, though only a small part of it has been excavated. If you look carefully you’ll see that each warrior has individual facial characteristics.

Katharina Salzmann
Travelbound China Tour Co-ordinator
Typically £1268 per student.
Based on an 8 day, 6 night tour for 30 students, travelling January 2018

China is such a vast country that fitting everything in during one school trip simply isn't feasible however, getting the most from two separate cities is an excellent compromise. When studying ancient and modern history in China it's nigh on impossible to ignore the relevance of both Beijing and Xian which is why a two centre tour presents a thoroughly worthwhile option for visiting students.

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Beijing's historic landmarks are quite literally around every corner and include the Summer Palace, the Great Hall of the People and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Forbidden City and the Ming Dynasty Tombs. Anyone interested in studying China's, often tumultuous, ancient and imperial past won't fail to be moved by a visit to the capital and when combined with trips to museums, such as the Palace Museum and the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution, school history books will quickly start to fall into place. Of course, Xian, which is located just over 700 miles to the south of Beijing, is no slouch when it comes to historical significance. The Qin, Han, Sui and Tang dynasties have all held Shaanxi province's capital city in extremely high-regard over the centuries and the Terracotta Warriors are one of the world's most-important historical sites of interest. Aside from Qin Shi Huang's statuesque army, Xian is also the home of a fairly-intact city wall that dates back to the Ming period as well as a centrally-located bell and drum tower which are also attributed to the Ming Dynasty.

The chance to compare and contrast the architecture, symbolism and regional differences of two of China's most important cities is simply exceptional and any school history tour that involves the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors has to be given a Grade A rating.

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Our group loved all of the trips especially, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army and the Forbidden City.

Queen Elizabeth's School, Ashbourne

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Typically £1268 per student.
Based on an 8 day, 6 night tour for 30 students, travelling January 2018