School trips - All subjects

When you book a Travelbound tour, we’ll work with you to organise a trip perfectly tailored to the needs of your students. We cover a broad range of subjects – from geography, history and classics to music and art to food technology and sport, with many cross-curricular trips also available. The common denominators are fun and adventures they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Art School Trips


Head to New York for MOMA’s unrivaled modern art collection, or get inspired by Picasso’s The First Communion in Barcelona or explore the water lilies garden in Paris’ Claude Monet Foundation.

Classics School trips


From the awe-inspiring open-air museums of Rome and Athens to the myth-laden sites of Olympia, Sparta and Pylos in Greece, learning on location fires up students’ imaginations.

Cross Curricular School Trips


We offer educationally balanced cross-curricular tours to a number of destinations. Enjoy action-packed Boston, trace Moscow’s history through its opulent past or take in Paris’s iconic landmarks. 

Food Technology School Trips

Food Technology

Learn the secrets of the world’s most exciting cuisines while soaking up the cultures that created them. From lessons in Moroccan spices to rural French cookery, we cater for all.

Geography School Trips


From the depths of the Grand Canyon to hot spring bathing in the French Alps, we offer tours to the world’s most exciting geographical hotspots. Study tectonics or examine valley erosion and waterfalls.

History School Trips


Deepen your students’ understanding of historical events through life-changing interactions on location. The humbling atmosphere across Ypres will have a lasting effect on your students.

Spanish language lesson, Andalucia Spain

Modern Foreign Languages

Inspire your school-age language students with learning on location – there’s no better way to help them improve their language skills than by total immersion in the native culture.

Music School Tours


A performance is a great way to motivate your musicians, encourage good attendance at rehearsal & improve their performance skills. Be inspired by our worldwide music tour destinations.

Sport and Active School Trips

Sports and Active

Our sports and active school trips offer your students the chance to increase their fitness levels and self-esteem, while enjoying some quality bonding time with their peers.