Student Tours - All Destinations

Whether you seek to build on their studies or open a window on the profession they’re looking to enter, your students will enjoy the trip of a lifetime with Travelbound. Our globe-spanning menu covers a broad range of destinations, from France, Spain and Italy to China and Morocco to the USA and the UAE. We’ll work with you to organise a trip perfectly tailored to your students’ needs.

Student tours to Belgium


Home of the European Commission, Brussels is an essential visit for any Law & Politics, Business Studies or Tourism student.
Student tours to Czech Republic

Czech Republic

See how Prague reveals its history of communist rule and the holocaust with visits to sites such as the Jewish Quarter.
Student tours to France


Home to some of the world’s most important galleries and museums, Paris is a treasure trove for students of art and design.
Student tours to Germany


Immerse your students in Berlin’s prosperous modern economy, where avant-garde art meets a thriving multimedia scene.
Student tours to Hungary


Budapest is peppered with grand monuments, open squares and impressive architecture making it the perfect cultural destination.
Student tours to Italy


A country of high culture and rich history. See masterpieces of classical and Renaissance art in the galleries of Florence, Venice and Rome.
Student tours to Morocco


Morocco provides a thought-provoking journey of the senses, from the city spice markets to its vast desert landscape.
Student tours to the Netherlands


Amsterdam presents a wealth of important galleries to inspire students, from the Rijksmuseum to the  Van Gogh Museum.
Student tours to Poland


Tourism students can learn how Krakow makes the most of its historic charms and engages visitors with its tragic past.
Student tours to Spain


Give your university and college students a taste of Spain’s vibrant culture and thriving economy in one of its premier cities.
Student tours to Turkey


Rich in culture, history and religion, Turkey stands at a pivotal point on the world map, between Eastern and Western civilizations.
Student tours to the UAE


Dubai is a masterclass in bold innovation with its record-breaking architecture and unrivalled economic expansion.
Student tours to the UK


London is a centre of global tourism with a huge array of attractions, from the Tate to the London School of Economics.
Student tours to the USA


New York is a thriving hub of business and the arts, and the city teems with pop culture and contemporary art.
Tokyo | Japan


A bustling metropolis where ancient traditions meets the bright technological future, Tokyo is an alluring city full of vibrancy and enchantment.