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While school trips abroad can seem like a tick-box exercise for some, there are teachers who realise the importance and value an educational tour can bring to young learners. They are not the only ones to acknowledge this as Travelbound have teamed up with team E3 Trails to provide students with active learning experiences to complement their learning trip to France.

E3 Learning Trails

What are E3 Trails?

Learning in school wants to be imaginative and innovative but there can be barriers that can make this difficult. E3 Trails are designed to conquer this by maximising the learning opportunities for students outside the classroom.

Across the broad range of the E3 Trails designed for Travelbound school groups, the language specific trails available at various locations across France allow students to engage in structured language-based learning experience. Developing not only listening, reading and speaking but key skills, E3 Trails utilise notable sites at your chosen location to create a series of challenges.

Catering to the learners’ needs

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning which is why Travelbound have teamed up with E3 Trails to create a unique set of tasks designed to support schools and their learning journeys. Whether your students are in the early stages of developing their linguistic skills or are developing comprehension and pronunciation, language-focused E3 Trails allow for students to enjoy inclusive team-based activities in your chosen French region.

Teachers and students on E3 Trails

Capturing the imagination of your students and instilling a new motivation to engage in learning, spy-themed and investigative adventures allow students to gather information from the challenges. Using their French language skills while interacting with significant sites, students will be communicating closely with one another to piece together information and dissect clues to reveal hidden mysteries or uncover hidden caches.

The grand finale to your E3 Trail can differ depending on your location. What remains consistent are the numerous opportunities for students to actively engage in learning that can further support work within the classroom. Whether you are seeking to integrate the E3 Trail as part of a wider class-based speaking or writing project, Travelbound can incorporate an E3 Trail around the needs of your learners.

E3 Lumiere MFL Trail

Where can my school experience this E3 Trail?

  • Normandy

Ideal for groups staying at Travelbound’s very own Chateau du Molay, the Lumiere MFL Trail allows groups to engage in a spy-themed adventure.

Taking on language-based challenges at various locations across Normandy, students will be able to utilise their reading and speaking skills to piece together clues.

Covering the iconic Mont St Michel, Bayeux Tapestry and seaside town of Arromanches, school groups will not only be faced with opportunities to develop their linguistic skills but discover the historically significant sites of Normandy.

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E3 Suivez la Piste Trail

Where can my school experience this E3 Trail?

  • Paris
  • Nice

Ideal for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students, the Suivez la Piste Trail is a murder mystery-style trail which can begin at school. Encouraging students to call on their French language skills developed in school.

This trail provides the perfect opportunity for teachers to see their students perform in ‘live’ scenarios. Allowing for the challenges to be carried out indoors as well as out and around your chosen location, the Suivez la Piste Trail is a great addition to your school’s language trip.

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E3 Apprenti Enthousiaste Language Trail

Where can my school experience this E3 Trail?

  • Paris

Designed to support students in their first two years of learning, the Enthousiaste Language Trail can work as part of a class-based speaking and writing project.

Students can explore a vast number of sites around Paris while immersing themselves in real-world situations. Avoiding the “this is a pencil” scenario, students can feel the value of learning as activities provide motivation to pursue language learning.

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E3 Apprenti Connaisseur Language Trail

Where can my school experience this E3 Trail?

  • Paris

Through stimulating social and cultural activities, students explore the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame. In a city that keeps on giving, students can call on their linguistic skills and develop their confidence to use the French language.

Designed for students who have been studying French for more than two years, the Connaisseur Language Trail gives school groups a fantastic addition to their language trip to Paris.

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