Activities at the Château du Molay

Although your main reason for staying at the Château du Molay is to explore the many landmarks Normandy has to offer and discover French culture, we also have a range of on-site indoor and outdoor activities available at the château. These are a nice addition to make your group’s stay even more fun and memorable!

Supported by the police-checked on-site Château du Molay team, you can rest assured your students can enjoy a safe and secure environment. With English and French-speaking staff to coordinate the activities and lead evening entertainment, Party Leaders have the opportunity to liaise with other teachers in the lounge bar or be a part of the fun and activities.

Indoor activities

Our on-site indoor activities include:

  • Disco and karaoke night
  • Retro games room
  • Movie night
  • Snails and mussels tasting
  • Crêpes evening

Outdoor activities

Our on-site outdoor activities include:

  • Blind trail
  • It’s a knockout!
  • Circus class
  • BBQ and fancy dress

Games room at Château du Molay

blind trail at Château du Molay

survival at Château du Molay

circus skills at Château du Molay

Eco at Château du Molay

BBQ at Château du Molay

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