5 Alternative Excursions for School Trips to Paris

Always looking for exciting new learning opportunities for school groups, our Travelbound team have picked out 5 excursions you may want to consider for your next school trip to Paris.

1. French Cinema – Private Screening

Private screenings of French films with English or French subtitles in a typical Parisian cinema allow groups to learn about the French language, culture and style. You can request movies relevant to the group’s curriculum, plus optional film-based educational activities!

French Cinema – Private Screening

2. Pétanque tournaments

Go ‘boule in’ with the French pastime of pétanque! A fun activity that will bring your students together, the game has even made it into the French school system with a number of high schools in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur now offering the sport as part of the Physical Education baccalauréat qualification.

Petanque tournaments

Ready to explore school trips to Paris?

3. Le Clos Montmartre Vineyard

Nestled within the charming side streets behind the Sacré-Coeur, awaits a picturesque scene of whimsical architecture, lush vines, and enchanting cobblestone lanes. Explore further, and you’ll discover Le Clos Montmartre, a secretive vineyard and a rare gem amidst the heart of Paris.

Le Clos Montmartre Vineyard

4. FlyView Paris

Take a fully immersive Virtual Reality flight over Paris on a jetpack! Discover Paris in a way you have never seen before with individual moving flight simulators and last generation VR headsets providing a 360-degree vision as you ‘fly’ over the city.

FlyView Paris

5. The Musée de Carnavalet

Visit the oldest museum in the history of Paris, the Musée de Carnavalet, now open following four years of renovation!

Reinstated into the cultural landscape of Paris, school groups can enjoy an explorative and collaborative approach to learning about the history, archaeology and memory of Paris through its symbols and key data. There are now four times as many workshops also available!

The Musée de Carnavalet

To learn more about the range of excursions available for your next school trip to Paris or to discover how we can make your next educational tour a reality, contact our team today. 

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