Top 5 Attractions in Bremen & Bremerhaven for STEM

There’s a reason why Bremen is known as the City of Space. Home to three of the world’s most significant space companies – namely Airbus, OHB and ArianeGroup – students can dive into a world of science and technology.

IMAGE | Aerial view of Bremen at night

With an increased interest in expanding STEM opportunities for students, Germany is one nation seeking to make these more accessible. Here we take a look at five attractions in Bremen you can utilise to extend learning beyond the classroom for your students.

Universum Bremen Science Centre

Bringing science to life is no cliché when it comes to this museum. Like many in Germany, the museum has been reinvented and this silver shuttle-like structure is no different. Over 300 interactive exhibits place Bremen’s science centre in our Travelbound Top 5 Bremen Attractions which sees students take a closer look at technology, humans and nature. The outdoor discovery area extends upon the centre’s themes to include movement. This includes the curious additions of an Earth Xylophone and a 27m-high Discovery Tower.

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Botanika Bremen

Simply put, Botanika Bremen has it all. Visit Germany and you’ll also be making stops to the Himalayan Mountains, Japan and Borneo as this green science centre brings together examples of flora from around the world. Multimedia exhibits and greenhouses come together to create a comprehensive learning experience for students. See your group start to make connections between biology and the environment, which will develop understanding, comprehension and further enquiry when you return to school.

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IMAGE | Botanika Bremen

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Climate House Bremerhaven 8 degrees East

What if a museum could turn the world’s climate zones into an experience? This is what the Climate House has managed to achieve. Students can explore the virtual line of longitude (8 degrees longitude) in one visit, which covers a diverse range of climate zones, including deserts, ice sheets and oppressive humidity.

In addition to guided tours which delve into the science, short introductory lectures led by the house scientists are also available. Head to the ‘Elements’ exhibit where students can carry out their own climate experiments using fire, earth, water and air as ingredients to simulate storms and volcanic eruptions. How is this all made possible? The Climate House partners with some of the most prestigious organisations in climate research for Germany, including the German Weather Service, the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.

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IMAGE | Student studying volcanic eruptions

Zoo at the Sea, Bremerhaven

Germany’s most modern zoo specialises in aquatic and Nordic species. Students can explore everything from polar bears and Humboldt penguins to polar foxes and seals. Viewing areas include above and below land options allowing unique sites like polar bears underwater and seeing how gannets move.

Students can also learn a little more about Bremerhaven. The twin ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven are the second biggest ports in Germany after Hamburg. While Bremerhaven is officially considered its own city, together with Bremen, it is one of the two cities that form the federal state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. In fact, the overseas port within Bremerhaven is owned by the city of Bremen, so their history is closely tied.

While the zoo is not one of the biggest in Germany, it provides school groups with a comprehensive learning experience which extends into sharing a little bit of regional history. How do they achieve this? Monkeys. Students may be surprised to cross paths with monkeys at the Zoo at the Sea, but this stems from the tradition of seafaring in Bremerhaven. Put simply, seamen used to bring monkeys back from their foreign travels. It adds a different dimension to the zoo as tropical jungles and mini savannahs have been constructed to accommodate the chimpanzees.

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IMAGE | Zoo at Bremerhaven

Valentin U-Boat pen, near Bremen

The second largest ground bunker in Europe, the pen formed part of a large-scale Nazi armament project. Now a memorial site and trail, students can explore the imposing piece of engineering and learn about its tragic construction using forced labour with more than 1,100 people losing their lives through starvation, illness and arbitrary killings. Guided tours are also available, which dive into the project, fallout and subsequent use until the City of Bremen commissioned the bunker and submarine shipyard to become a memorial and educational history site.

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