Why is Berlin popular for school trips?

Berlin is up there with school trips to Normandy, art trips to Barcelona, and classics trips to the Bay of Naples. Considered one of the cultural capitals of Europe, Berlin is popular as a city destination and historical location, and a dream for Group Leaders seeking cross-curricular opportunities for their school group.

IMAGE | Student in Berlin

A city that is both tragic and beautiful

Berlin has been torn down, rebuilt, split and reunited, all within the past century. It therefore goes without saying, the city has a turbulent history. Whether your focus is the Second World War, Cold War, or even the age-old debate on how tasty currywurst is, Berlin has seen it all and so will your students.

The capital doesn’t shy away from the nation’s past but instead uses the landmarks and city scars to educate visitors. Students will see history at every corner, but the real beauty is where history translates to art. The East Side Gallery is one example, but graffiti and Berlin almost run hand in hand.

IMAGE | Aerial view of Berlin

Berlin is an open air gallery

Students can embark on a Berlin Street Art guided tour which uncovers some of Berlin’s hidden treasures. Artists from all over the world have made their way to Berlin to leave their mark and the remnants of the Berlin Wall carry the stories of every soul. Students can learn about how graffiti became an outlet for young activists, for the average German, and for a nation to reunify.

Combine this theme with a visit to the Asisi Panorama and learn about life on both sides of die mauer from a different perspective, namely that of artist Yadegar Asisi. Growing up in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin, the panorama transports visitors back to the 1980s and how life differed drastically depending on which side of the wall you were on. In addition to the panorama itself, students can learn from the hundreds of motifs that depict the day the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

In addition to the East Side Gallery, Berlin has roughly 300 galleries which hold masterpieces ranging from classical modernism to contemporary art. Add to this the world’s largest universal museum – Museum Island – and there are more museums than rainy days (always a plus for us Brits).

IMAGE | Berlin Wall graffiti tour

Be with you in a jiffy

Escaping the turbulent weather of Blighty, Berlin is just a two-hour flight from London airports, meaning students have little time to get bored and restless in the air. Berlin’s location also plays in nicely for the history buffs amongst us who like to make the most of time spent outside the classroom.

Krakow, Poland, can be added to coach tours to Berlin, allowing Group Leaders to extend the story and lessons that can be learnt from the Second World War, and specifically the Holocaust. Creating a multi-centre school trip is made seamless with Travelbound’s team of school travel experts working with ground agents for over 30 years to create educational experiences.

Whether you intend to travel by coach or by air, there are enough options available in Berlin for your school trip to be tailored to your learning needs and price point.

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Pronunciation, translation and assimilation

Like with any school trip to the Continent, there is the excitement (and apprehension) of testing out the local lingo. Here comes the time when your students really wrack their brains to remember how Miss or Sir pronounced key phrases like “wieviel kostet das?” “wo ist die toilette?”.

No matter your students’ level of comprehension, having the opportunity to engage with native speakers is invaluable. Typically locals encourage students to try their best and may even provide tips on pronouncing words. Before you know it, your students will be walking the walk, talking the talk, and maybe – just maybe – enjoying currywurst.


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