What’s New At The Château du Molay, Normandy?

From the day you arrive to the moment you depart, the Château du Molay in Normandy has been designed to support your school group’s needs. Benefit from staying on location at a base exclusive to Travelbound groups and experience Normandy’s history, food and culture.

While the Château du Molay has a history spanning over 250 years, Travelbound continues to maintain the exquisite main house and surroundings. Here, we take a look at the Château du Molay and what school groups can expect from their stay in 2019.

Aerial view of the Château du Molay in Normandy

Cultural immersion in France

You’re in France! A fact that students will be reminded when staying at the Château du Molay. Walk into the main hallway of the Château du Molay and it won’t just be the classic French bunting that gives it away. Expect a warm ‘bonjour’ from the Travelbound on-site staff when you arrive and look out for snippets of French around the Château du Molay, including French posters along the corridors to the on-site restaurant.

French market stall

Comment était ta journée? The DBS-checked Château du Molay team always want to interact with students to keep the school trip buzz going into the evening and hear about their day exploring the outstanding Normandy region. Did students get to try out their French language at the markets of Le Molay-Littry or Bayeux? What was learnt about the French Resistance at the Caen Memorial? Before you tuck into frogs’ legs or hit the dance floor at the disco, there are plenty of opportunities to catch up on the day and share as a group the key learnings to take away.

Tailor your teaching opportunities

Leading your school group around the key landmarks of Normandy provides you – the teacher – with the opportunity to experience varied learning environments with unique teaching resources at your figure tips. It may test your pedagogical skills while at the same time strengthening them ahead of follow-up work back in class.

We understand some Party Leaders appreciate some group time at the end of the day and have updated classrooms at the Château du Molay in order for you to achieve these goals. Make the most of the spacious rooms on offer complete with presentation equipment to share your thoughts on the day and get students interacting with their peers to reinforce the day’s experiences.

Students at Battery Longues-sur-Mer

A new breakfast buffet!

Along with updated menus, school groups can take advantage of a new breakfast buffet bar located in the Château du Molay restaurant. This stylish addition replaces the former offering located at the centre of the restaurant. Designed to serve more students at one time and set them up for a big day ahead the stylish buffet bar places breakfast within easy reach and reduces congestion when queuing. The area also serves as a sandwicherie for students to make their own sandwiches for lunch. Kick start your day right with a continental breakfast, prepare lunch and enjoy the comfortable surroundings of the Château du Molay’s on-site restaurant.

Breakfast buffet at the Chateau du Molay

Home away from home

School groups decide to stay at the Château du Molay for differing lengths of time but one thing that doesn’t change is the on-site team’s desire to make the Château du Molay a comfortable home from home. With this in mind, many of the Château du Molay’s bedrooms have been updated with fresh décor and new furnishings. This includes bunk bed baskets to allow students to securely store phones and additional belongings; desks and chairs in all rooms; plus bedside cabinets. Party Leader rooms have had more than a lick of paint with coffee facilities making rooms their own little oasis when students are in bed.

For teachers seeking an opportunity to liaise with their peers or fellow Party Leaders from other schools, the serviced bar provides the ideal place for support staff to lounge with a beverage.

Updated bathroom facilities

Most of the bathrooms in the Château du Molay have now been completed with a completely new outfit. Inspired by a European flavour, the ornate tiling and fetching finishings in the bathrooms provide a practical but elegant offering. Bathroom storage has been increased with the use of bamboo shelves, shower shelves and hanging hooks on doors. Both students and Party Leaders will appreciate the neutral and clean-cut finish of the new bathrooms seen throughout the Château du Molay.

Updated bathrooms at the Chateau du Molay

Contact the Travelbound team now to learn more about the Château du Molay in Normandy and find out how you can start planning your next school trip abroad. Alternatively, you can continue to learn more about how the Château du Molay can support students on their school trip to Normandy here.

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