How Do I Plan A School Trip To China?

More schools are stepping away from the subject-specific school trip to cater for a greater number of students who may make up the school group. This cross-curricular approach has the benefit of extending the varied learning experiences students are receiving and allows them to tap into the culture, traditions and language of China.

One of the greatest benefits of working with an approved school travel provider is filling the gaps of the unknown. What is possible? Where can my students visit in China? What opportunities are going to best support my students’ learning? Having a school travel specialist assist in planning the school trip to China will therefore not only provide peace of mind, but useful insight into the possibilities for your school or college group.

China as positioned on a globe

What are your learning outcomes?

Figuring out what you want to achieve from a school trip to China is the best place to start. You know your students and how they may react to new learning environments. Maybe you have a subject focus; are a Confucius school seeking language opportunities; or maybe you recognise the importance of providing students with opportunities they may not otherwise have the chance to take on.

Once you have figured out what you would like to achieve, school travel specialists like our Travelbound Account Managers will be able to offer insight into the range of options available to you. This can both tighten up your focus or widen what you intend to cover (a plus when opening the trip across subject areas).

Promoting your school trip to China

If your school run multiple school trips through the year, generating interest may be of a concern to you. However, when it comes to China and the unique experiences on offer this can seem less of a task and more of an opportunity to create a school trip your students will never forget.

A school trip doesn’t have to be solely based on subject-related excursions. Taking a ride through the streets of Beijing; learning about Chinese calligraphy; watching acrobatics; taking on a lesson in Kung Fu and experiencing a traditional tea ceremony are all part of tapping into a culture and immersing your students in experiences that will do more than develop interpersonal skills. Through new and varied learning experiences, students learn to adapt, try new foods and can be inspired to take on a journey of lifelong learning.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Finalising your itinerary

Creating memorable moments is made easier when working with a Tour Co-ordinator. Working closely with partners in China, the Travelbound team are in the best position to finalise an itinerary that will maximise your time away. Whether you are embarking on a single city school trip to Beijing or a multi-centre experience that take in some of China’s oldest landmarks, Tour Co-ordinators take the stress away from lining up your tour for a seamless school trip away.

Ask questions, be comfortable with what you’ll be doing and absorb all the advice and tips a Tour Co-ordinator will provide. Whether you have led a school trip abroad before or not, utilise the expertise on offer from the school travel specialist.

Find the complete package

Travelbound school trips to China are created around inclusive packages so you don’t need to worry about arranging extras while on your tour. Gratuities are customary in China and are covered by Travelbound, while access to your various excursions will also be included. Travelbound also offer a visa service to avoid any access issues.

Whether you are travelling to one city or multiple, your school group will have a city guide with you during your time in that specific location. This means you benefit from local knowledge and a constant presence when exploring the city. For school groups of more than 20 passengers, you can also benefit from a national guide during your stay.

Students visiting the Terracotta Army, Xian

You will want to maximise your knowledge of your location and your Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will want you to be confident in having a clear idea of your desired learning outcomes. This can come from working closely with your school travel provider and becoming comfortable with your planning of the school trip to China. Use the experience on offer so you can share your knowledge of how to travel with your students.

To find out more about the support on offer when planning your school trip to China or to start planning your next adventure, contact the Travelbound team on 01273 244 572 or contact us online.

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