THE TAILOR OF LIVORNO | Designing the perfect music tour for your school

Experience always counts for a lot whether you are a teacher, principal of your school, or are tailoring an educational trip for hundreds of schools each year. The latter has particular relevance to one of our very own longest serving members of the Travelbound Music team.

Ilaria is your go-to with anything music and concert tour related. Having tailored music tours for almost 20 years, Ilaria is well versed in bringing the detail together for everything from accommodation to transport and music venues to cultural excursions.

Here, Ilaria shares a little more about her experience in working with all types of musical performance groups, her passion for music, and her take on the benefits of music tours for your students.

Ilaria Roche

Name: Ilaria Roche

Role: Head of Music and Concert Tours

What are your earliest memories of your journey into music?

I was first introduced to music as a child when I joined the choir at the local church in my native Italy. I found singing a truly joyful and uplifting experience and used to love our Saturday afternoon rehearsals. As I grew up, I realised that unfortunately I had no future as a chorister but the love of music stayed with me.

Which music genres would you class as your favourite?

I’m an avid concert goer and enjoy many styles of music, from Opera to rock or musical theatre.

Testbourne travelling with Travelbound Music

How did you enter the world of music tours?

I had been working in school travel for a few years when the opportunity to work on music tours presented itself. I thought it would be such an amazing job to be able to assist groups in arranging a tour abroad to include live performances in front of an audience. That was 2005 and I have been overseeing music tours since then.

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Which types of music groups have you worked with?

I have had the pleasure of working with many types of groups, both choral and instrumental, and although our core customers are school and university student groups, I have also arranged tours for adult ensembles as well as dance troupes and musical theatre groups. Each group is different and it is my job to ensure we find the venues that match each group’s specific musical requirements.

What are the benefits of a music tour?

A music tour is the chance to showcase your group’s musical talent to a new audience. It helps students improve their self-confidence and it focuses their energy in rehearsals. It is also a great way to boost the number of students involved in music making throughout the year. It allows your group to spend time together in a different environment and share experiences thus improving cohesion within each ensemble. A music tour creates unforgettable memories which will last a lifetime and may inspire your students to continue their music studies. Through music performances and excursions, students have the opportunity to make new friends, taste new food, discover new cultures, and ultimately have a fun experience that will live long in the memory.

University group on their music tour

Which type of venues can Travelbound Music offer?
We can offer venues which are intimate and supportive. This is particularly perfect for students who are performing on tour for the first time. We can also arrange performances in stunning churches and cathedrals which offer a truly sumptuous setting to inspire young singers and musicians. Audiences overseas are often amazed at the standard of musicianship offered by touring groups and are very enthusiastic in their appreciation.

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