Top 5 Must-see Excursions For Your School Trip To Washington, DC.

Washington, DC is home to some of America’s most iconic landmarks, from the White House to Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon.

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Thanks to the advice of our Tour Co-ordinators who have travelled to the USA and experienced the city for themselves, we put together our top 5 of the must-see excursions you should have on your itinerary when visiting Washington, DC.

Top 5 must-see excursions

U.S. Capitol

The U.S. Capitol is home to the United States Congress and sits on the eastern end of the National Mall, Washington’s most visited location. As part of the Smithsonian Institution, it is free to visit. To find out more about what the Congress does and the political landscape of America, Travelbound can book a free tour of the Capitol for you. Tours run every day of the week except Sundays. A fascinating place to visit for history as well as political studies students.

Lincoln Memorial

On the western end of the National Mall lives the Lincoln Memorial, built to honour the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The iconic memorial towers over the Reflecting Pool – a famous spot where students will enjoy trying to get the perfect picture of the Washington Monument reflecting into the quiet water. A 19-foot tall, 175-ton statue of President Lincoln sits inside the memorial made out of 36 marble columns with each one representing one state in the United States. It is in front of this iconic landmark that Martin Luther King made his even more so iconic I have a dream speech.

National Air and Space Museum

Get your students reaching for the stars with a visit to the National Air and Space Museum, also called the NASM. This celebration of all things airborne includes exhibits such as the 1903 Wright flyer to the Spirit of St. Louis. Your students can zoom through the cosmos at the Albert Einstein Planetarium, experience a flight simulator, see an IMAX show or take a guided tour. This Smithsonian museum is free to enter and is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions, including the first Moon landing which occurred on 20 July,1969. Talk to your Travelbound Tour Co-ordinator about booking an educational workshop here at NASM.

Arlington National Cemetery

This military cemetery was established during the Civil War. Since then the deceased veterans of America’s conflicts have been buried here and their white headstones stretch out over 624 acres or rolling hills. John F. Kennedy, his wife and children are berried here and a memorial has been erected in their honour. A tour here can bring the military history of the United States to life. Don’t miss the elaborate Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Close to Arlington cemetery is the Observation Deck at the CEB Tower, a new attraction that offers 360-degree views of Washington, DC.


Through a series of exhibits, interactive displays, workshops and archive footage, students will not only be able to learn more about the nation’s history but engage in its past. Group Leaders can book one of the Newseum’s free Educational Workshops catering all levels of education from primary to university and is supported by pre- and post-visit activities.

Washington, DC has a lot more to offer to school groups. Click here to find out more about our tailor made trips and excursions to Washington, DC.


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