Where Will Your School Travel To In 2019?

New Year, New Possibilities

You may be back to school, but it is time to look forward to 2019 and beyond with new learning opportunities ahead. We take a look at the popular trends from 2018 and the destinations schools are choosing to explore with their students this year.

Ciao, classics and geography school trips to Sicily

While Greece remains a popular choice for schools seeking a destination for their classics students, Italy, and more specifically Sicily, is an equally attractive option. With shorter flight times standing as an immediate positive, the island of Sicily offers far more than the impressive city ruins of Selinunte.
A school trip to Sicily allows teachers across subjects to collaborate on a cross-curricular experience for their classics and geography students. A tailored itinerary will allow for students to develop their knowledge and extend their level of enquiry across subject themes. Enjoy an in-depth look to the Phoenician, Greek and Roman civilisations while also taking in the fascinating Mount Etna and exotic flora and fauna of Sicily and the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Study volcanic hazards, including ash flow, lava flow and gaseous emissions
  • Study plate tectonics, geology and continental drift
  • Study geothermal activity and tourism
  • Study Mediterranean agricultural methods and lifestyle
  • Learn about archaeology, excavations and the remains of ancient civilisations
  • Study local tourism and sustainability issues
Artistic shot captured in Catania, Sicily

Find out more about what to expect from a school trip to Sicily for your classics and geography students from our blog why a school trip to Sicily will inspire both classics and geography students.

Lessons born in the USA

What is your students’ perception of the USA? Go beyond the stories found on E! to uncover the significant contributions from one of the world’s superpowers. Peel back the layers to uncover the birth of democracy in Philadelphia, the establishment of a nation in Washington, DC and the dominating businesses and structures of New York City.

Students taking in the view over Manhattan

Schools seeking to maximise their time in the USA can take on an East Coast multi-centre school trip that stretches from the White House to Wall Street. Learn about the important work done by Martin Luther King Jr to change life for African-Americans in DC and the impact on social movements in New York’s Harlem district. Preforming arts students can go behind the scenes on Broadway and take on a workshop focusing on various areas of showbusiness in New York. With endless possibilities available to schools along the USA’s East Coast, find out how to maximise your group’s New York experience and the top 5 must-see excursions for your school trip to Washington, DC

Lessons from the battlefields

Poignancy – The emotions and thoughts this brings can be extremely powerful when teaching students about the importance, scale and effect of significant points in history. It is often the word used by students and Party Leaders alike following their school trip to the World War One battlefields along the Ypres Salient and the Somme or the World War Two landing beaches in Normandy, France.

An extremely popular base for schools exploring the stories of World War One is the peace Village Hostel in Mesen. Providing much more than just accommodation the on-site team can provide your school group with incredible insights to the area of Ypres as well as space for evening activities. Schools will find visits to many locations in Ypres are run by locals who are keen for students to learn about the finer details of World War One and the impact on the landscape, community and soldiers. Read about what to expect from your school trip to the World War One battlefields.

Close-up view of a battlefield exhibit

Similarly, those looking to expand the experiences of students studying World War Two can look to Normandy and Travelbound’s exclusive Château du Molay. Located just a short drive from the town of Bayeux, the Château du Molay allows school groups to benefit from extensive grounds, updated on-site facilities, including an outdoor heated swimming pool (seasonal opening) and classrooms, plus a great location opening up routes to noteworthy landmarks, memorials and cemeteries in the Normandy region.

Extend learning to support your French-language students as they engage with native speakers. Take advantage of Travelbound’s exclusive Quests that support students studying French as well as those wanting to take on exciting town challenges. Discover the man behind the Travelbound Normandy Lumière Quest 

Say ‘da’ to a school trip to Russia

Unique? Most definitely. A school trip to Russia certainly ticks the box for a one-in-a-lifetime experience, but beyond the wonders and monuments that stretch from Moscow to St Petersburg there are important lessons from history to be learnt.

Whether your students are studying the Bolshevik revolution or Russia through World War Two, Russia’s array of outstanding historic excursions allow your school group to rediscover the significant events and movements that have shaped modern Russia. Students will be able to explore what remains from the Soviet Union, including the Moscow Metro, and visit the landmarks that still stand as symbols of Russia’ political, economic and social position. Learn more about the historic Russian excursions that will inspire and motivate your students 

The Kremlin by night, Moscow

Understand the importance of culture and tradition in China

Language, food, etiquette – all can differ greatly in China compared to what your students are used to when in their own locality. A school trip to China allows Party Leaders to take on a highly personalised itinerary for students that taps into the history of Beijing and Xi’an, businesses in Shanghai and the sacred stories embedded in the walls of the Temple of Confucius in Qufu.

Group visiting the Great Wall of China

Truly unique experiences await students visiting the sites of the Terracotta Army, Beijing’s Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. Students are immersed into Chinese culture and can further expand their experience with Mandarin and calligraphy lessons. Prepare for your school trip and learn more about 3 important etiquette tips for students visiting China

Creating a subject-focused school trip abroad

You may think school trips can only work for the French, Spanish or German speakers in your school or the keen historians and adventurous geographers. Whether you teach drama, food technology, science or another curriculum subject, there is a school trip to enhance learning and comprehension for your students.

Bringing learning to life is possible. You can read how one physics teacher provides context and theory for science trips abroad, where study week is taken to a new level to link science learned in school to use in the real world. This is a key factor in re-motivating students and engaging them in your topic focus. Where value can be attributed to knowledge, students can start to translate what they do on a daily basis in school and take the lessons on to become lifelong learners.

Exterior view at CERN

For teachers seeking to lead a school trip abroad, the real joy for many comes from seeing their brainwave become a reality. Seeing your students interact with their new surroundings, come out of their shells and link learning are just some of the greatest moments you’ll witness on your next school trip abroad. Choosing your school’s next destination shouldn’t be seen as a hurdle but as a stepping stone.

To find out more about the range of options available to your school contact the team today or start exploring using our trip finder.

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